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Brand Security

We at Vasant Labels are glad to inform that we now have made a unique method to secure a brand our brand security method give the power to the end user to verify if the product is a genuine or a fake. Our system works in a unique way to provide security to the products. We provide the security by the means of sms service of the mobile phone. And also by web based application using qr codes for smart phones. We provide a 17 digit unique identification number. Each and every product of the brand can be given such a different number. This number can be provided to you in the form of sticker or paper tag which can be attached on the product this would also have a the details of the response mobile number on the sticker. This sticker can also carry variable information that the brand usually prints on the product like size or bach numbers or expiry dates etc. hence it wont be a separate sticker but the same stickers with an additional information. And the variable data provided can be in the same soft copy format that is always used. And since this could be printed on paper and board this could have virtually be done on all the products.

Also our brand security product can crub counterfit that occurs due to outsourcing of products. We shall maintain the database of each and every number so when the end user wishes to verify if the product is genuine or a fake he just needs to type the unique number and send the sms to the response mobile number or scan a qr code. The new generation mobile phone like I-phone or any phone with a high res camera with internet facility can download a applet that allow the user to scan the 2d barcode directly and send it to the website and seconds he shall view the product he is carrying and if he registers it would say if the product is a genuine or a fake. This product is designed to give the security feature globally with the respective local mobile number. Or if the qr code is used this could be through internet connection.

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